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M MHB HD Quality Spy Pen Camera Video/ Audio Hidden Recording,HD Sound Clearity Pen Camera With Inbuild 16gb memory.Originalbrand product are sold by M MHB®

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  • KINDLY CONTACT US IF ARE HAVING TROUBLE USING THE DEVICE. M MHB brand product are sold by M MHB only and there are no other seller of this brand .
  • Battery charging time: 1. Please switch off the Pen Camera first and then keep for charging. 2. Please don’t charge more than 60 min …. 3. While charging yellow light indicate continuously and when it stop charging complete … 4. If the charging cross 60-min and yellow light don’t stop than also remove the pen camera from charging.
  • Please use as per the instruction: START VIDEO AUDIO RECORDING :1. Press on / off button for 3 sec and then leave (light mode: orange light will on and then turn in to blue that means recording has started.
  • 2, To switch again press the same button orange light will come and get switch off.
  • DATA TRANSFER :1. Kindly switch of the Pen camera & than attached in the computer. 2. While functioning please don’t attached in to computer. 3. If you are unable to see the video and only audio is heard please download again the VLC media player to play the file.